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What began in 1996 as a machine shop specializing in prototype parts evolved into a company that has found its niche in the tube and pipe industry by producing equipment that will take a prototype part from design concept to the production stage for industries that include: Automotive, Heavy equipment, Trucking, Aerospace and Medical to name just a few.

As the founders of the company, John and Valerie Schwochert started Proto-1 Manufacturing with a clear idea of making safe and efficient equipment to debur tube and pipe. John and Valerie refined the design for the deburring process and the Roto-D-Bur® head was patented.

When John began calling on deburring customers to build the business he recognized the demand for other types of tube finishing equipment as well as fixtures and jigs in the tube and pipe industry. From the origins of tube and pipe deburring/chamfering equipment, Proto-1 Manufacturing now offers rotary tube cutoff, customization, cell integration, robotics, rotary tube end forming, jigs, fixtures, sizing, notching and progressive ram end forming equipment for tube and pipe.

Today Proto-1 proudly manufactures tube forming solutions for a wide variety of customers from family run manufacturing operations to multinational companies. The desire for safety and efficiency that began with the debur machine is an integral part of all Proto-1 Manufacturing equipment. We continually challenge ourselves to give our customers the best service and support coupled with how we strive to make the most versatile, safe and efficient equipment in the tube and pipe industry. 

 Here are some recent Proto-1 innovations:

  • Large diameter swaging with our Progressive RAM .
  • Progressive offset tube expansions to 200% of diameter.
  • Rotary forming of tube flare & bead up to 15 inch diameter.
  • Simple & cost effective notching machine.
  • Expand/bend/bead and pinch trim to length in one setup.
  • Single minute exchange of dies (SMED).
  • Dual roller rotary end forming machine: SRB-1000.
  • 8 inch deep sizer.
  • A new debur head for beaded tube deburring.